About Author

Pint sized gooner from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Supporting the Arsenal ever since saw Tony Adams in 1998.

Love Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires, Freddie Ljungberg, Tony Adams, Thierry Henry, Pavel Nedved, Rui Costa, Oliver Kahn, Michael Ballack, single malt scotch, cold Guinness after a run, cooking & evil schemes to take over the world. Not necessarily in that order.

Loathe men with no body hair, FC Barcelona, flat beer and Tony Pulis.

Weapon of choice is a standard kitchen knife.


6 responses to “About Author

  1. Philou

    I’m surprise to not see Rosicky in the “she loves” part.

    And you can add “She’s called Ron by the man above”.

  2. Naveed

    I was expecting something relating Arsenal, but never thought you hate Barca :-(. Anyways, no point n judging peoples opinion, all the best to Arsenal.

    • I’m sure if Barca hadn’t agitated for Arsenal players Arsenal fans would still respect them as a great team. I don’t even hate Ronaldo (and i do, a lot) as much as i hate the way Barca players put their jersey on Cesc whilst playing for Spain!! Bastards… And for Therry too!!!

  3. La Liga Hater . . . . . nooooooooooooooo

  4. LOL I’ve got no body hair 😦 I agree with all your hates. Like your writing

  5. Aarony – Been enjoying your pieces and Arsenal bantr. Contact me about a project I’ve started please. Thanks – Adam

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