Ze German Night: Part I

I dislike international breaks just like every other normal football fan. Two weeks of absolute nothing, going to day to day task with a haze of disbelief. Your chain of thoughts leading nowhere. Is this real? Is this what life is like without the anticipation of a kickoff, or the stress of a pulled hamstring? What is life? And just when you think the realization of the dullness around you without the football fix can’t get any worse, Saturday happens. As if after being deprived off *insert preferred narcotic here* for weeks, you shoot yourself with a terrible batch of cheap dodgy bullshit that even Whitney Houston would refuse.

ImageWatching our lethargy laden performance against Norwich is hardly any boost going into such a big European night. We have Koscielny back, I would like to see a more dynamic Santos. It was painful watching him come forward so much in the middle depriving Cazorla off of producing attacks. Cazorla at the moment holds the key to our midfield creativity and having him cover for a “left back” is something we can’t afford if we want to win, comfortably or not. Gervinho is someone we can play wide but it has been proven this season that is not where he produces his best performances from.

As much as I have a “bring on the next match” spirit on after a disappointment, I am dreading what’s going to happen in a few hours. When the Champions League draws were taking place this year, I had my fingers crossed for NO GERMAN CLUBS, that’s how terrified I am of facing Schalke tonight.

For the ones who follow Bundesliga from a neutral point of view, you can sense how each of the clubs there has a strong threat factor, at least the top to mid table. If you watched the Revierderby, Schalke played the way Dortmund played last season and Klopp playing 3 at the back failed in an epic fashion which should warn us about how even the slightest gaff at the back can cost us. Huntelaar, Affelay, Barnetta, the Half Scouse Prince and if luck really isn’t on our side, we might see Draxler too.

As much as I’d love to predict 3 points for us with a strong chance of finishing on top of the group, this and Schalke away are the deciders and I refuse to be optimistic.

Do give Plaantik’s podcast a listen if you have time.

My prematch cherry yoghurt is on. COME ON YOU ARSENAL!


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