Oh Santi!

There is a fear lurking in my conscience that if I get too positive about how we are at the moment, it will all go downhill. The pessimist in me keeps on obsessing about Szczesny making a rookie mistake to ruin our “unpenetrated” status. When I look at the games we had so far, the real test is this weekend at Manchester.
6-1 is as sexy as a scoreline can get and given that Southampton gave both the clubs from Manchester a good run, I was a bit wary of the saints, especially Ricky Lambert. They were quite defensive but somehow lost the plot and let an own goal in deflected from Gibbs. The score line had another own goal from Southampton which makes you want to put Gibbs in a more forward position just to see if he can flick it off, preferably say off someone as cunty as John Terry? Why not…twice in a match can’t be a coincidence.
The second goal though…madre de dios! A very tasty goal from set piece, Lukas Podolski firing it in with his left and it is one we will definitely see in his career highlight roll. Gervinho was played instead of Giroud and the Ivorian finally lived up to his stature (forehead mainly) with an amazingly powerful shot from a through ball which the Southampton keeper couldn’t do anything about. Gerva got his second when Ramsey came on and had a superb shot which hit the post and Gervinho tapped it in when it reflected right at him. Not to mention the Ox took some gutsy shots and came very close too.

I’m sure everyone remotely related to Arsenal along with Giroud himself were praying for his debut goal but after a solid attempt it was our Englishman Theodore who scored the final goal.

Delightfully enough, the highlight of the match was not the goals galore for me, it was Cazorla. Saying “he is a joy to watch” would not do him justice as there were Southampton players around him, multiple of them, who were left looking like fools when the spanish chipmunk shuffled the ball around on his own before dodging it away from them. The partnership between him and Arteta are looking more and more solid and it makes me giddy to think what we will have when Jack and Rosa are fit. A proper midfield surplus, options to rotate with players of such caliber…we haven’t seen that at the Arsenal in ages!

There was an issue about the Keeper situation yesterday and in my opinion people are daft to think Don Vito would be a better option. The only thing he is better at than Szczesny is distribution. The last few games I had mini heartattacks whenever Vito had a tricky save, because he gave me a reason before to have such doubts. Szczesny is young and has more polishing to do but he is far better than the Italian and Arsene’s statement sums it up why he is our number one keeper.

Looking ahead to the Montpellier fixture, I am excited to see some rotation especially using Koscielny after having a successful partnership between the Belgique and Friendly German Giant (FGG). Giroud. Must. Score. I really want him to get it there, his familiar ground, so when we go to Manchester in weekend, we will be on proper high. Looking at how everyone else is performing and how our back is functioning, for the first time in a long time, I am excited rather than anxious about a big fixture.

It will be Steve Bould in place of Wenger tomorrow night, how excitingly scary is that!?

Allez Arsenal!

P.S. All photos courtesy of Arsenal (Have Faith). Don’t they do a great job at editing?

P.P.S. I am lost for words on this.


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  1. jumpingpolarbear

    After all the RVP chaos, Arsenal may be better than we think this year!

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