Here We Go Again…

This is the second consecutive summer where we lost 2 of our most influential players together. I imagine this is what it must be like getting kicked in the nuts. You hold on to your family jewels, feel like you’re between that area of life and death, the entire playground laughing at your helplessness…well every other football fan anyway. I wouldn’t know, I’m a girl. But my ratio of watching mates roll around holding their balls is higher than witnessing childbirths, so I’ll go with that.

I don’t want to moan about Robin. I watched the ManU game last night and turned it off when he started to warm up. Glad to see Everton get all three well deserved points but that’s that. The Song switch however is more upsetting than Robin, at least to me. Sure we’ve lost our captain and the man who carried us to top four last season, but Song’s significance to Arsenal and Arsene was much bigger. There was a time when he was an unpolished bit of twat, now as though it seems he is a polished bit of twat. The stories of him being lazy in training and giving the Arsenal staff a hard time has been emerging from everywhere and while it is a good bit of business selling a player for 15 million pounds after getting him for 400k, this is another “same old, same old” case of Arsene building a somebody from nobody and him fucking off the minute he has a good season. I just want to hold Arsene and never let go.

You’re probably tired of reading about transfers so I’ll get to the main event, first game of the season. What a buzz eh? Didn’t really live up to expectations eh? Let us take the positives first though. Szczesny didn’t have much to do after first 20 minutes, Diaby looked really well and gave me hope that if he stays fit…who am I kidding, Santi looks set to be a crucial part of our creative midfield. He played a full 90 minutes despite having played a useless friendly in Mexico and he didn’t look jetlagged at all. He was all over the place and worked really hard and I’m afraid of Arsene overworking him already. I don’t understand the negativity surrounding our forward duos, obviously they need a few match to settle in but madre de dios Giroud should have netted that!

Theo was shit. Gervinho couldn’t deliver to his expectation. We didn’t nick the three points we deserved. Same old.

Nuri Sahin is set to make the loan switch and Arsene has vowed on signing a defender before the window closes. Jenkinson had a good game and Gibbs look good too but one can’t be relied on for consistency due  to lack of experience and the other barely had three games in a row. I know we are looking into the option of Philippe Mexes but if Arsene won’t sign M’Vila over disciplinary issues, I don’t see Mexes for Bendtner switch happening.

I’ll leave you to it. I vow on blogging per match this season as well as taking fantasy premier league more seriously. What are the odds that I fuck up both resolutions? Heh.

Ciao for now.


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  1. Irfan

    i like the superbad meme

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