1 Down, 37 More to Go: Newcastle United 0-0 Arsenal

Alan Pardew  is a bellend.

I could pinpoint at the only interesting part of the game, the red card, but while I write this it has been over 24 hours since the match took place and Barton has been called a cunt well over thousand times. And rightly so. Barton has been getting away with unsportsmanlike behavior on far too many occasions. This is a man who should be in jail for mob violence in Liverpool, for assaulting Dabo, assaulting a 15 year old Everton supporter in Thailand, stubbing a cigar into the face of a ManCity reserve player and punching Morten Gamst last November. What I don’t seem to understand is how does Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney get grilled by the media for being sleazebags, which has little to do with football but a thug like Barton gets a “Bad Boy” sticker and that’s about it. Having a threesome with prostitutes or sleeping with your brother’s wife has little affect on the pitch, where it matters.  Off pitch anger and violence gets reflected on how you play football. There were some great passes from Barton from last season, I will not deny I enjoyed watching him and Nolan work together. But all that is obviously overshadowed by just how much of a cunt Barton is.

Song deserved a straight and I can’t stretch that any further. The first game of last season against Liverpool when Joe Cole committed a two footed scissor tackle on Koscielny, he was sent off straight away and Kozza was stretched off. We were sure he is gone for 6 months where he was actually fine. Kozza wasn’t injured, but he very easily could have been. Barton could have broken his ankle there (right now, I would have loved that). A malicious tackle cannot be justified.

But how do you explain manhandling? There was clear contact between Tiote and Gervinho. And when the penalty was not given, the game moved on and so should have Barton. How do you justify that? If someone picked me up like that and swirled abuse at me, I would picked his eyes out right there, or maybe just hit him in the groin. Would I defend Gervinho for slapping him? No, but everyone knows where he is coming from. Behaviour like that is insulting and that got him angry. I wonder whether if he kept his cool Barton would have gotten a card instead for sparking up a mindless riot midgame. Probably not.

The best is yet to come though. Barton accusing Gervinho of diving, even though there was clear contact. Then him going down in sheer pain out of what looked like a misplaced slap on the head. My dad is 6’1″ and weighs 98 kilograms and has freakishly strong arms after 25 years of performing orthopedic surgeries. A slap from him and I should be in the ICU. Yet, I just stumble a few steps and struggle to eat solid food for a week. That’s it. He explained after match that he “acted out” for the team. For someone so pretentious, he surely would know what hypocrite means.

As for everything else, as if there is any, I thought we looked woeful. If you take the “beautiful football” out of Arsenal, I don’t know what else is there. And now we have a team without Gervinho and possibly Song for the Liverpool and ManUtd matches.

The Cesc Saga is coming to an end as Arsenal has announced a deal has gone through via official website. I don’t know what this means for Nasri. I know he could go. Most wants him to. But as far as I recall, he didn’t want to sign because he wanted to wait for Cesc to leave so he would be sure of a CM role. Now what?

As for bidding goodbye to Cesc, I don’t feel emotional. And I think this was his plan all along. Last season when we were sure he was a goner I called up a friend at 2 am and started crying. I was not even drunk. He gave us a season where he showed how he was not committed or determined at all and was somewhat moody for a captain. The summer was a chaos and he kept his mouth shut and silently went on strike. Behavior like  that towards a manager who helped you flourish, who made you a captain at 22, to fans who loved you and dubbed you as Jesus kind of eases the heartbreak, makes it easier to bid him farewell. I think he wanted that all along. I remember how vacant and lost I felt the day Henry left. This morning, I feel relieved. I don’t agree with letting vital players leave. But I don’t like watching uncommitted individuals in my team. He gave us some really great years and it really makes me sad to see him leave, it really makes me sad that I can’t use “My Cesc life is Fabregas” anymore. But that is what he wants. I hope he becomes a great player in the next 5 years and when my gooner grandchildren talk about football I will drop “Oh yeah? Well back in my days we had this kid called Fabregas and we he went on to…”  I will miss him, but life goes on. Good luck to him.

Looking forward to the Udinese clash now. Oh dear.

À bientôt.



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4 responses to “1 Down, 37 More to Go: Newcastle United 0-0 Arsenal

  1. abir619

    Well-written, Aarony. Good luck with the Udinese match.

  2. Michal Janata

    Nice, I completely agree.

  3. salman

    well written…enjoyed every bit of it 🙂

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