That Unfamiliar Feeling: Arsenal 1-0 ManUtd

I can’t remember the last time we finished a first half 0-0 with 70% possession then actually won the damn thing.

As I was fighting traffic to make it to a tv for kickoff, news arrived from that Cesc Fabregas won’t start. Apparently he hurt his thigh in training. Some gooners started mentioning “broken heart” but frankly that’s nonsense. If he was going all Edward Cullen over his ex he would have stayed at home finishing a tub of Hagen Das (which I do) while watching The Notebook (which Vidic does). Of course now we know his ex used to assist him with his outfits because yesterday he turned up wearing some ridiculous biker jacket.

On to the match now, we started off promisingly. Theo was brilliant and all I could think at the time was “PLEASE DON’T DISAPPEAR AFTER 10 MINUTES”.  He also had an excellent chance which was blocked off by Evra. Cuntbaggery aside that was some really good defending. It was all Jim Dandy until Vidic slyly handled (literally) a cross from Walcott aiming for RVP’s head. Fuck him. The ref saw that, the linesman saw that but considering it was Chris Foy and he is special friends with Fegie & Co. he just gave a corner. Foy also had 3 touches with the ball himself which led to Shevy & Macca at the ESPN panel admitting Foy has been the most outstanding player for United so far.

What changed with Foy in the second half is that his saw himself on the tv and realized it’s getting too obvious that he’s taking money from United in order to get hair transplant. So for once, he decided that he is not blindewrwfscvbrttttttttt – my cat typed the last bit.

Who's your Ramsey?

Arshavin came on for Nasri who apparently strained his hammy. But then he was right there by the pitch all showered up looking alright so I’m hoping it’s just pre cautionary. The goal came on 56th minuted.You couldn’t make this shit up. The boy who replaced Jesus yesterday, the boy who had his foot cracked into two chucked one in between Carrick’s feet and there it was. 1-0. To the Arsenal.It was incredibly emotional as he was a tremendous asset for us until the Shawcunt tackle and yesterday he proved that he still is. You couldn’t have asked for a better come back. Proud of him.

You manipulate the ref and I manipulate my tail up your arse. Capiche Fergie?

Djourou came off at some point with a knock and Squillaci replaced him which caused a lot of mini strokes. United increased their pressure just a bit and  I started counting every second out loud. Ferguson got all shouty and obviously tried to manipulate officials. But Arsene learned his lesson from previous encounters and had our very own Gunnersaurus marking him.

4 minutes of fergie time kept the entire Grove on their toes and as Foy blew the final whistle I received texts from chavs thanking me.

Evra said they made it too easy for us and they deserved to lose blah blah blah. That fucker’s mouth is almost almost as big as his cunt but he made me realize I much rather have the chavs win the league than them. A band wagon-ing manc scum awakens homicidal tendencies in me. A Chelsea fan, not so much. They can win the quadruple and they’ll still be the clowns of London.

We’ve got Stoke away next. If Ramsey is traveling there I expect a full blood boiling locking of the horns as we hopefully tear Pulis & his cavemens apart. Fucking hell, I hate Pulis.

Here’s to 3 more matches.



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2 responses to “That Unfamiliar Feeling: Arsenal 1-0 ManUtd

  1. gooner4life

    You speak the truth. I only wish there were more to read. Up Gunners!

  2. Philou

    I liked the Notebook, Vidic does have good taste it seems…

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