That All Too Familiar Gutted Feeling

This morning it felt like I was back at High School after a night of embarrassment at some party. As if I got a little too drunk,threw up in front of everyone, slipped in my own vomit and here I am, heading to class trying my best not to get noticed. Come to think of it, I’m pretty good at this as I have done this six seasons. In a row.

The one big “if” from yesterday was what if Kevin Davies went off in the first half? Do you think the bearing of the match would have changed? At this point you can’t be sure as we saw our first team tumble against Bolton. Given the fact that Bolton only suffered 2 home defeats this entire season established a mentality that we would be lucky to get away with a point. And Arsenal has a sad set of history at Reebok bar that 2-0 down with 10 men then 3-2 win. Both the goals from the home team came from corners. Which sprung up an interesting fact:

Poor marking cost us yet again. A lot of people have been moaning for the last few seasons for the lack of top class defenders. And there’s another problem to be addressed, leadership. Mind you if Tony Adams was there he would scream and shout and make sure every one in the white shirt was properly marked. And they all listened to him. Cause he was terrifying. The sole reason why our midfield was so clinical before was because Adams was behind them and if they didn’t deliver he would have ripped them a new one.

Tough love is necessary. I have the Arsenal mentality myself. I do half arsed jobs. The only way I can deliver quality work is if someone abuses me. I’ve had people telling me “You are so talented why can’t you focus and finish!?” I had a look at myself, recognized my awesomeness and got to it,then stopped halfway. Do you know what works? When my dad comes to my face and tells me I don’t deserve anything because I am lazy and I am a waste of his flesh and blood and I’m probably going to end up like one of those girls who gets an arranged marriage at 22 with a wealthy fat guy. That makes me depressed. And then, angry and hungry for a significant achievment.

That is something our players need. They need to understand that while they get paid millions to do a half arsed job, away fans travel with their hard earned money and make sacrifices. I wonder what makes Theo work so hard for the first 10 minutes then disappear for the rest of the 80 minutes or until he is subbed off. Do you want me to bitch and moan about who we should buy for summer? No. Fuck that. Here’s what I would do if I had the privilege to be at UK. I’d be in front of the training center screaming and crying like a lunatic. Remember a movie from the 60’s called “Network”? It had an iconic scene. People voicing their angry rant at President Ford “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore'”. I reckon I’d do that. I wish I could do that. I’m not in the shareholders trust. I’m not a member of the board. I’m not Arsene Wenger. I would be a tiny particle amidst a sea of other fans who would pay to watch what happened yesterday. That happened at Emirates against West Brom.

Let me ask you this, if you are mad just like I am why are you being, as that wife beating Collymore would put it, a “keyboard warrior”? If you have the opportunity and transport why don’t you head over there and let all your rant out in person? There’s so much a person can take. And let me tell you who’s the biggest sufferer here. Arsene Wenger. Do you think he told everyone to play like this was some office picnic?

The players have been outstanding all season. If there is somebody to blame, it is me. I pick the team.

As much as it saddens me to witness him utter those words, I can’t help but wonder why he holds back his purse every transfer season. It is crystal clear what we lack and he has every ability to splurge just a little and fill up the essentials.But then there is this memorable line from The Damned United:

The reality of footballing life is this: the chairman is the boss, then comes the directors, then the secretary, then the fans, then the players. And then finally, last of all, lowest of the heap, the lowest of the low, comes the one, who in the end we can all do without…the fucking manager.

A lot of fans can hold Arsene at gunpoint but the reality is the players are just as much as at fault. You can sack him and then do you think some charismatic fucker will immediately take over and win trophies if the players display what we witnessed yesterday?

Mind you if Bolton was Bangladesh we would chase the players to their homes until they deliver what we pay for. A determined team.
Four more games then it’s Emirates Cup.



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2 responses to “That All Too Familiar Gutted Feeling

  1. Tahsein

    Brilliant article Azza. Well put words. Proud of you. And btw…that Bangladesh line was so true!

  2. jaymin

    I think a significant issue with this group of players has been Wenger’s cognizance that we have, indeed, been fortunate to have them. We have been hamstrung with the stadium debt & the board’s evident desire to pay off the loans as quickly as possible to facilitate our eventual acquisition by Kroenke. So we’ve had no cash. Having a player like Cesc, or Nasri, or Hleb, really shouldn’t have been financially possible in our weakened state, and certainly, were they to leave, we would be unable to properly replace them (witness Henry). So we’ve had to coddle the superstars. I mean, a 23 year old captain?

    I hope this stage is at an end, and Kroenke shows the same ambition that other American owner, John Henry, who looks like a wealthy lesbian, seems to evince for Liverpool, and we can get back to a stage where we can get back to being tough on our superstars.

    It was a very good article which I enjoyed reading. Very humorous! But a fat wealthy man with a 22 year old wife surely cannot stay fat for very long : )

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